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Things you might not know about JLMS – CATALOGUE ACCESS RULES

JLMS gives administrators the ability to set up access rules against the Course Catalogue, so that specific groups of users can only see certain content.

For instance, you may have a catalogue of 100 courses which are of varied subjects. Only 30 of those courses would ever be relevant to a certain department. So from that, you can create a rule that states: every person in the XYZ department can only ever see these 30 courses.


The rules can be created at course level (specify individual courses), curriculum level (specify full curriculums of courses) and category level (entire categories of courses).

The groups of users to include in each rule can be selected based on the Organisational Groupings that you already have set up in JLMS, such as Department, Location, Region, Job Title plus any of our 12 custom group fields.

This is just one of the many great admin features of JLMS.

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