As everything comes to an end we have reached the end of our series too, the last article in our series of tips relating to Learning Management System implementation and a strategy for success.

This final blog post discusses the importance of understanding what it means to be engaged in learning. If you want your LMS program to succeed, you need dedicated students who are motivated and invested in what they’re doing.

Maintaining the success of the Learning Management System and your eLearning initiative is as important as the initial roll-out. Let’s take a look at some ways that you can keep learners engaged with your LMS:

  • Scheduled release of content

One of the easiest ways of continued success is to introduce content into the system in a phased approach, only releasing content into the system that is most pressing or suitable at that time.  Repeating this process over a long period of time will keep users engaged and not overwhelmed with a vast catalogue of courses.

  • Revealing more features one step at a time

Holding back on some of the LMS features and rolling those into the system in a staggered manner will also provide the feeling of continual improvement of the system. Your learners will feel as though you are making improvements for them on an ongoing basis.

  • Social Learning

it is now a key focus area for user engagement. Activity feeds, badges, leader boards, user generated content uploads all contribute to keeping users engaged with the system. Make sure these functions are available when selecting a Learning Management System!

  • Encouragement practices

Introducing a form of “rewards” system based on your Social Learning leader boards can also have a positive effect on engagement. If learners know there is a potential reward (vouchers, extra day holiday, gifts) then there will be more incentive to be in the system and be engaged.

  • Keeping learners updated

Keeping learners up-to-date with current happenings in the classroom will enable them to feel confident about navigating through the system. This will allow them to learn more efficiently and effectively and understand what they are doing as they go.

These are just a few suggestions on how engagement can be improved and shows how this is an important factor in the success of your Learning Management System.

Implementing an LMS system allows you to make your company more efficient, so don’t allow your system to become stale. Otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the many benefits that an LMS can provide.

As you can see from the Employee Engagement statistics below which are taken from a study undertaken by Dale Carnegie Training, employee engagement is a very important factor, so getting this right with your LMS implementation will be a big win!

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