The onboarding process is a really important part of bringing a new employee into your organisation. Making sure that person has the information available to them about the organisation and their role ensures that each new hire is welcomed and made aware of what is needed of them.

An LMS is an important part of making the onboarding process work.

Most companies have some form of induction training that all new starters have to complete. Within an LMS, this is usually a blend of videos, eLearning courses and classroom sessions.

But how do you get that content in front of each new starter in an efficient manner? Well, a good LMS will provide you with mechanisms to achieve this easily.

You will have your Induction content set up in your LMS and grouped together into a curriculum or similar. You can then set up a simple automation rule that will dynamically assign that Induction content to each and every new person who is added to the LMS.

Furthermore, you can include role specific content into that rule based on the individual’s job title so that in addition to the Induction training, they also receive job specific information and training to get them started on the right foot.

This is just one part of how an LMS can play a major part in welcoming new employees.

So it makes sense to utilise the powerful functionality of an LMS to streamline your onboarding process.



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