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Things you might not know about JLMS – FULL SITE TEXT EDITING

Whilst the JLMS platform has out of the box default text within the User and Administration areas, any of the text that is seen on the pages within these areas can be edited and modified by an Administrator.

We have provided functionality whereby any text string can be changed to suit your specific requirements, as we all have our own terminology and acronyms within our businesses – some more that others!

So by simply pulling down a spreadsheet containing all of the text strings, adding in your changes and then uploading this to the site, you can really make the system feel much more personal to your business and more importantly, your users.


What’s even better about this, is it also gives you the ability to localise all of your text strings into additional languages once you have made your changes. So for those global organisations who need to show the interface in local languages, it is a straightforward process to achieve.

JLMS is full of features and is very flexible, making it a really robust platform for your learning needs.  Why not check us out by visiting our website at

Yet another great feature of JLMS!

Happy Learning 🙂

Matt Eggby

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